Bajeczna działka budowlana 581. Building plot near Warsaw with a huge investment potential!


Film jest prezentacją niezagospodarowanej działki budowlanej z dużym potencjałem. [Wersja polska pod filmem, przejdź na]

The film presents an undeveloped building plot with a huge investment potential. A perfect place to work and relax, surrounded by a beautiful resin forest, and quick access to the capital city.

Plot No. 581 in Pogorzel Warszawska

Municipality: Celestynów

Province: Mazowieckie

Country: Poland

The key information for bidders interested in acquiring the plot:

  • The plot is large – 2543 square metres
  • The plot is secure – Land Registration [one owner, natural person]
  • The plot is accessible – Adjacent to the main road [ul. Sportowa]
  • The plot is eco-friendly – Mixed forest; walking distance to the Mazovian Landscape Park; there are several natural ecosystems on the plot; a woodlet; a meadow; a stunning stream; a healthy, clean, oxygenated air full of natural phytoncides; a vast forest behind a fence; a dozen of paths perfect for walks, cycling, outdoor activities or relaxation.
  • The plot is calm – The sound of the forest, a murmuring stream, the chirping of birds and the hooting of owls, a little of railway noises, non-invasive, only the rhythm of nature.
  • The plot is economical – A murmuring, rapid stream, called Struga Pogorzelska, gives the possibility of free electricity.
  • The plot is participatory – 1 % of the income from the sale of the plot will be transferred to a NGO.
  • The plot is a good value for money – Exceptional value for money: 500 PLN per 1 square metre.
  • The plot is a building plot – The document „The local spatial development plan for a part of Pogorzel – part B ” gives the possibility of building couple of residential buildings

You can find the text and map of the Plan here:

You won’t find another plot like this one! This plot is surrounded by 150 square km of forest and at the same time is located just the propinquitous from the metropolis.

  • 0 metres to the Mazovian Landscape Park, it is are literally in it!
  • 200 metres to the Pogorzel Warszawa railway stop
  • 11 km to the A2 motorway entrance
  • 26 km to the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

We kindly invite private investors and developers to submit their offers. We are not interested in the proposition of the brokers. Please contact us via e-mail: